Thursday, April 26, 2007

How to put a lasting smile on her face!

Yes, I must admit...its true! What you might ask? Diamonds really are a girl's best friend....and geez, we men are stuck with a dog! Seriously enough, if you really want to put a smile on that special woman's face this Mother's Day (May 13th)...give her diamonds! After 23 years of working with the female genre....I've met only the rare few women who wouldn't treasure a gorgeous diamond pendant, ring or earrings!

With so many versatile diamond designs to choose from, there is the perfect jewelry piece just right for her! I've pictured above the ever popular "Three Diamond Past, Present, & Future Jewelry" collection. This lovely collection embodies a very important message of how much you cherish her...whether it be your mom, wife or girlfriend! This item has become a very popular gift year around and hey ladies...your mom would love one of these as well as you!

Diamonds truly are eternal and as long as the gift comes from the heart....most ladies will treasure whatever is picked out for them! Give me a call if you need some ideas for this upcoming Mother's Day or better yet, stop by The Gold Mine and I'll help you put a lasting smile on her face!


Bill Warren, Registered Gemologist/Owner
The Gold Mine
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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hey Guy's...How About "Wife Insurance"!

So gentlemen, do you "Want To Get Out of the Doghouse?" If so, I recommend treating that special woman in your life to a beautiful piece of fine jewelry from time to time!

Seriously, think of a woman's jewelry to her as you would think of your favorite item, example: fishing boat, hunting rifle, sports cars, get the picture?

It really is quite inexpensive compared to some of the items we men hold dear and trust me...women treasure their jewelry for years to come!

When that special occasion rolls around, fine jewelry really is a hit! The gift we men give our spouses or girlfriends says "A Lot" about how we truly feel toward our special loved remember this when you're picking out that "Just Right" item for her....don't try to get out on the cheap...go ahead and go for the'll be the best "Wife Insurance" you've ever purchased!


Bill Warren, Owner/Registered Gemologist

The Gold Mine of Hudson, NC



Thursday, April 5, 2007

What is the "Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring?"

What is the "Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring?" Wow...what a know what they say about different strokes for different folks! Let me attempt to shed some light on the subject...

First of all, what shape of diamond do you prefer? You have several options to choose from such as the traditional round brilliant, emerald cuts, princess/square cuts, radiant cut, pear shape, marquise, heart shape and the list goes on and on. With today's modern diamond cutters, there are many diamond shapes to choose from whereas brides to be of yesteryear only had 6-7 choices. Take in to consideration your hand & finger size...longer hands and fingers tend to look best with marquise or emerald cut shapes...shorter hand & finger size looks best with round or princess cut shapes. Of course, its all a matter of personal taste!

Second, look for a diamond that is well cut! Some diamond cutters sacrifice good cutting for size and the end result is a diamond that looks like a piece of glass instead of the brilliant prism that it should! Always go for good quality cutting!

Third, look for a diamond of good clarity or how clear the diamond is. There are several clarity grades to choose from but I often suggest to clients that in layman's terms...look for a diamond that has lots of fire, not one that looks cloudy or milky in appearance! Myself or any knowledgeable jeweler will take time with you to explain all about clarity grades when you make this all important purchase!

Fourth, look for a diamond that has a fine white color? Don't all diamonds have that you say? Not necessarily, because some diamonds have a faint to very noticeable yellow tone. Insist on the finer white diamond grades.

Fifth...what type of setting is best? With so many to choose from: 14k, 18k gold, platinum, palladium....each has its on personality and good qualities..please let a trained person explain it to you. Some ladies like ultra modern and highly polished settings while others love the current favorite" The Vintage Look". Take a look at the vintage ring I have pictured as an example. There isn't a right or wrong...let your good taste be your guide!


Bill Warren, Owner/Registered Gemologist

The Gold Mine