Tuesday, August 31, 2010

17 and Counting

Ok, I must confess...I got the above blog title from watching that reality TV show 18 & counting and I just liked the title!  So humor me ok?

Yes, next month marks The Gold Mine's 17th Year Anniversary and its so hard to believe....where has time gone?  However, I'm very thankful to my wonderful & faithful clients who keep supporting us year after year and even through the tough times of the last few years!

Of course, we will be having a super Anniversary Sale as we always do, but the purpose of this post is to simply say, "Thank You" for allowing us to continue doing the thing that we love and for watching our baby (The Gold Mine) grow into a mature and strong retail business which has been named "Best Jeweler" as well as "Small Business of the Year" for Caldwell County.

A few thoughts...its been nice having a wonderful team of people around me all these years.  No one is a success without the help of others.  We truly stand on the backs of others as we reach the top rungs of the ladder of success.  Most importantly, I'm thankful to the Lord Jesus Christ for giving me the grace and strength to do what I love and with each passing day, hopefully I'm able to point more people to him!

The last few years while challenging, have also been the most rewarding as we've seen our store grow in leaps and bounds thanks to "Out of the Box" marketing and the goodwill of our great customers.  To each of you I humbly say, thank you for your kindness, your love and your support...its meant so much to me and my family over the years.  We will strive to serve you ever better in the coming days and hold your friendship dear!


Bill Warren, Owner
The Gold Mine

P.S. - How many of you remember the play pen our son grew up in at the old store across the street?  Guess what?  He's driving now...talk about time flying...wow!!!