Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Bright & Shiny Season of "Silver"

Its a funny thing but today I was reading an article that really struck home to me and that was that "Sterling Silver Has Become the New Gold"!  Why you might ask?  Simple, with gold approaching $1300 per ounce as of this post...folks are finding out that there really is great value in the "Other Precious Metal"!

Of course, white metals have been "White Hot" for the last few years anyway...the 17-30 year old crowd loves it so why not?

Here at The Gold Mine, we've stayed in front of the curve of jewelry fashion for a long time and being able to anticipate this...we've stocked heavily on the highest quality, value conscious sterling silver jewelry.  Yes, gold jewelry may be out of the price range for some, but you can still have a quality piece of jewelry made from sterling silver for $59.95 & up!

Keep this in mind when it comes time to do your Christmas shopping and maybe a silver bauble for you wouldn't be so bad either...


Bill Warren, Owner/Registered Gemologist
The Gold Mine
545 Main St.
Hudson, NC 28638