Friday, May 17, 2013

Gold Mine Featured in Our State Magazine!

We were recently honored to have been featured in "Our State Magazine" regarding our "Southern Gates" jewelry collection.  Many folks who came by and visited to do Mother's Day shopping commented about it as well.

The ad (listed above) we were featured in showed several of our Southern Gates items.  Of course, these jewelry pieces have long been a favorite of those (In the Know) Gold Mine customers.  Made from gorgeous sterling silver, Southern Gate items feature and commemorate the ironwork designs that you see in Charleston, Wilmington, Savannah and New Orleans.

Southern gals everywhere appreciate the delicate designwork of Southern Gates jewelry.  The company that produces this lovely line is out of Charleston, SC.  Perhaps many of you don't know how we discovered it...

Several years ago, Angie (my wife) and I were visiting the markets in downtown Charleston and we kept seeing this lovely jewelry.  After inquiring about it, what a pleasure it was to discover that the company who produces this was only a few short blocks away.  So we simply walked on down and met the owners and of course, inquired about carrying their jewelry in our own jewelry store.

The rest as they say is history, and too great success, we've carried and our customers have enjoyed purchasing "Southern Gates Jewelry" now for several years.

With the Mother's Day rush now behind us, I'm finally catching a breather to restock the store with this and other great jewelry lines.  If you have something that you'd like to see, or if you just have a question, let me know..I'm happy to take the time to serve you.  Also, don't forget if you have a broken jewelry item or watch, we do all of our repair work here on the premises by trained and trustworthy experts...

See ya soon,

Bill Warren, DDJ (Doctor of Dynamic Jewelry), Owner-Gemologist
The Gold Mine
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