Friday, October 5, 2012

Introducing Lafonn Jewelry

Introducing the "Lafonn Jewelry Collection"
Ok, I must admit it...I'm a little tickled with myself today!  You see we recently added something that I believe our customers are going to love!  Of course, this is none other than the "Lafonn Jewelry Collection".
Lafonn jewelry features the ultimate in vintage jewelry design at a price that puts owning a fine piece of jewelry in everyone's budget.  With Canary yellow colors, sapphire blue as well as chocolate looks...these pieces of "Eye Candy" capture everyone's imagination!  Most of these rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings fall within the $100-300 price range...hard to believe, but true!!!

You may be asking yourself, "Ok Bill, just what is Lafonn diamond, cz or what?"  Lafonn jewelry features Lassaire man made gemstones which are actually one of the closest things to real diamond you can get.  The gems are very tough & durable and are cut to very exacting standards.  The mountings are made of the finest sterling silver bonded with genuine platinum for look & durability.  In the purchase of a Lafonn item, you're getting a very well made piece of fine jewelry that looks like pieces that only royalty could wear but that are affordable for everyone!

I invite you to visit Lafonn's website to get a closer look at all of the beautiful jewelry that is offered at:  

Stop by the Gold Mine today to see the latest pieces in person and do some early Christmas'll be glad you did!

'til next time,

Bill Warren, Owner/Registered Gemologist
The Gold Mine

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Star Wars Invades Hudson

Ok, I must admit it...I'm pretty tickled with myself right now!  Why you might ask?  Simple, we've just made one of the most important purchases ever for our store, "The Gold Mine Fine Jewelry & Gifts, Inc."  The purchase was of a 7000 Series Rofin Star Weld Laser Welder, quite simply the most powerful laser welder in the jewelry industry for the repair & intricate working on of fine jewelry.

No, you won't hear the sounds of Darth Vader or light sabers rattling about, but you will have the opportunity to have your jewelry designed or repaired using the coolest, most efficient laser technology available!  So, what does all this mean to you?

Again its simple...repairs that once were near the realm of impossibility can now be done with relative ease in minutes!!!  Maybe you owned an opal ring and because of opal's delicate nature, you couldn't have prongs rebuilt or retipped for fear of shattering an expensive opal.  Now with pinpoint accuracy, the repair of jewelry containing opals, emeralds, pearls and any other delicate gemstone is as fast as the swoosh of Luke Skywalkers light saber!

What's more, we can now safely weld and repair such items as broken eyeglass frames, costume jewelry and much, much more!  You'll discover just as I have that the repair is of a much higher quality when done with this laser and by a capable goldsmith such as the one's at The Gold Mine!

I invite you to stop'll see me grinning from ear to ear...let me show my new machine and you'll wonder why you would ever let anyone but the Gold Mine repair your delicate jewelry.  Hey, you might even get the feeling that you're seeing the firing of the main weapon from the "Death Star"...can you tell I'm a Star Wars fan?  Take care and stop by for a demonstration...


Bill Warren, Owner/Registered Gemologist
The Gold Mine - Hudson, NC

P.S. - yes, we now wield a very powerful tool that we promise to use for the "Good of Mankind"...LOL

Monday, June 4, 2012

Can You Believe It?

Father's Day will soon be upon us on June 17th!  Its really hard to believe that half the year has already passed and here we celebrate Father's Day again. 

Perhaps you've wondered what to get that "Special Father" in your life?  May I suggest that jewelry would be in order?

Yes, here at The Gold Mine, we've seen many men who enjoy their jewelry, watches, acessories just as much as anyone!  So, instead of a meal on the town or a new fishing about giving Dad something that symbolizes the true emotions you feel for him?

You'll discover lots of great gifts here at The Gold Mine such as:
  • Citizens Eco-Drive (Solar Powered) Watches
  • Caldwell Time Company Pocketwatches
  • Super value stainless steel rings & bracelets (many start as low as $19)
  • Silver or Gold Necklaces 
Yes, the choices really are quite endless.  Stop by today and let one of our ultra friendly sales associates help you pick that perfect gift "For Him"!

Above all else, let Dad know how much you love & respect him and take time this Father's Day to honor him properly.  If you're like me and your earthly father has passed on...take a few quiet moments somewhere peaceful to recall those special memories you both shared.

Until next time friends...take care and make it a great day!


Bill Warren, DDJ (Doctor of Dynamic Jewelry) & Owner
The Gold Mine Fine Jewelry & Gifts
Downtown Hudson

Friday, March 30, 2012

New Line Announcement

Gold Mine Adds "Citizens Watches"   
We are so pleased to announce the addition of the Citizen Watch line to our already huge selection of watches at The Gold Mine!  In addition to Pulsar, Seiko & Caldwell Time Company, Citizen will give us the final cog in our watch wheel!

Citizen's watches have been around since 1918.  They chose the name "Citizens" so that the name would be close to the heart of people everywhere.  Not only is Citizens one of the most recognized names in quality timepieces but they have the best selection of style & design we've seen.

You'll be pleased to know that the majority of Citizens watches are powered by the superb "Eco Drive" system....which also stands for "Solar Powered".  You'll never need a battery as any light source both natural or artificial can charge your watch with up to six months of power!

Guess what else?  These finely tuned watches come with a 5 year "Trouble Free Guarantee"...

So there you have it...the latest watch styling, with a watch that never needs a battery...Citizen Watches...stop by today for your preview!  You can also visit their website to get a great overview at:

'Til Next Time,

Bill Warren, Owner/Registered Gemologist
The Gold Mine


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How "Being A Character" Can Help You Do Business

When I first opened my jewelry store, I had a situation arise that I have never encountered before or since!  This unusual encounter also got me "thinking".
During my first week of business, a lady walks into my store who was obviously very well to do.  She approached and said, "I see that you opened a few days ago and it looks like you have a very nice jewelry store.  I was wonderering if I might ask a small favor of you?"  My response was, "Sure!"  She proceeded to ask if I did ear piercing to which I answered in the affirmative.  Her next question floored me...
"Do you do anything other than humans?"  Ok, let me stop for just a moment and ask you what you would have said???

Scratching my head, I answered, "Yes ma'am, I only pierce human's ears, but if were to pierce another species ears...what would I be doing?"  She then motioned for me to step outside to her parked car...hey, I had to at this point, my curiosity was getting the better of me!!!

I walk to the ladies car and lo and behold, I should find the object of her ear piercing frustrations her growling pet rottweiler dog!!!  So here I am left thinking...what if I had actually tried to do that? (I wouldn't obviously) I could become famous as "THE ONLY Jeweler In My Area Who Pierces Your Pet's Ears"...

Now before you think I've went off my rocker, let me explain something to you...

First, I live and operate my jewelry business in a small, western NC town which is absolutely full of "Characters" and requests like this actually come quite often.  Second, because of this unusual and fun environment, it has made me think about marketing myself as a "Character". 

Admittedly, you can't take yourself so serious if you choose to market yourself in this way and you absolutely need a self deprecating sense of humor!

Its no mistake that you see me pictured in this column in a doctor's lab jacket and that I market myself as "Bill Warren, DDJM - The Doctor of Dynamic Jewelry Marketing".  During special occasions, sales, events, would even see me wearing this in my own jewelry store for fun and yes, I've even given marketing seminars wearing this same jacket!

Why would you do such a thing you might ask?  The answer is simple...because it makes me and my business memorable!  If I can stand out in the crowd of jewelry competitors (and I have good competitors)...yes, I'll do so! 

Last year in a valentine's radio ad, I went on air saying, "Hi, this is Bill Warren, The Doctor of Love and guys do I have a great prescription for you!  I prescribe a 1 carat diamond pendant which is guaranteed to end the depression, melancholy and anxiety of your special lady!"  Memorable?  Absolutely!  Fun?  You better believe it!  Now when I'm walking down the street, I have people roll down their car windows and ask, "Hey Doc, whats your prescription this week?"  When this started happening, I knew I had a winner!!!

One of my heroes, the late, great professional speaker Bill Gove once asked, "What would happen to your business if you were to become just 10 to 20 percent more assertive?"  Let me add to that quote by saying, "What would happen to your business if you were to become just 10 to 20 percent more assertive and memorable?" 

I know what it did for my business and I'll just bet it will help put your business "Over The Top!"  Now let me challenge you to think of ways you might market yourself in this manner and have a bit of fun while doing so!  Maybe among the readers of this column we have the next "Queen of Jewelry Fashion" or a "King of Ways to Reach A Woman's Heart." 

Go ahead...try might be surprised at the results!!!  When you do, let me know about it...we'll laugh together and I'll congradulate you at the same time on all of your success! 

Bill Warren, DDJM (The Doctor Of Dynamic Jewelry Marketing) owns a successful jewelry store in Hudson, NC.  He is also the founder of Warren Marketing Systems and a professional jewelry marketing speaker.  Sign up for his FREE jewelry marketing tips at:  To book Bill to speak at your event or for consultations, you may reach him at 828-729-1020 or email:

Friday, February 3, 2012

What'll You Give Her This Valentine's Day?

I have a question for you today!  This Valentine's Day, what will you give her?  Flowers? Candy? Dinner Out? Diamond Jewelry?  How about all of the above?? 

Yes, with your purchase of any diamond jewelry at The Gold Mine, you will receive flowers, candy, and dinner for two!  How's that for one stop shopping? 

Because you deserve it...we here at The Gold Mine try hard to make your life easier!  By shopping with us, you are greatly benefited simply because you don't have to go to 4 different can do it all under one roof!

Ok..go ahead and say it!'re a genius!!  :)  Ok..maybe not..but I really try hard to make life easier for my customers!

In case you are wondering what is popular in jewelry this year for Valentine's is some food for thought:
  1. Black & White Diamond Rings, Pendants & Earrings
  2. Chamilia Bead Jewelry
  3. Karisma Interchangeable Silver Jewelry
  4. Co Co Diamond Jewelry (some folks refer to this as Chocolate Diamonds)
Still unsure, stop by and myself or my friendly team will be glad to help you make the perfect selection for your Valentine...and don't forget, Valentine's Day is Feb14th!

'Til Next Time,

Bill Warren aka:  The Doctor of Love
The Gold Mine of Hudson