Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Don't Miss Our Annual Summer Clearance Sale

Some things like Christmas, Thanksgiving, 4th of July only come around once a year and you certainly wouldn't miss them!  Well don't miss our One Day Only, One Hour Only Summer Clearance Event coming this Saturday!!!

Enjoy 60% Off Regular Price of our jewelry inventory for 60 Minutes on Saturday, July 18th from 1 PM 'til 2 PM..some exclusions apply. Enjoy 60% off savings on diamonds, gold, silver, gemstones & estate jewelry..and when the clock rings at 2 PM..its done..not to be repeated until next year! Don't miss this huge Summer Clearance Jewelry Sale!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Almost daily I have someone ask "What is that little black stone in your showcase?  Is it black onyx or what?"  Most definitely these little & some not so little black stones have come into their own as of late.  Yes, I think "Black Diamonds" are definitely here to stay in fine jewelry fashions.  But I digress...what are black diamonds and where do they come from?

Various global deposits have produced black diamonds going back to diamond mining's glory days in Brazil and later in South Africa.  A particular black diamond of legend is the 33.74 carat pear shaped Amsterdam Black Diamond from the 1970's.  Originally this diamond was destined for industrial use until it was discovered to be tough when it met the diamond saw.  It was later cut into a fetching pear shape that earned $352,000 US when it sold at Christie's Geneva in 2001.  Today the diamond is estimated to be worth millions.

With more & more designs featuring black diamonds, we've incorporated them into our inventory mix here at The Gold Mine with great success!  It seems you our client's enjoy the look and have found that just like "White Diamonds"...their neutral shade goes with most any outfit.

If you're curious about "Black Diamonds" or other colored diamonds in general..give me a buzz at 828-726-1009 or better yet, stop by and we'll show you these shaded beauties!

Until Next Time,

Bill Warren, DDJ (Doctor of Dynamic Jewelry) & Owner
The Gold Mine
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