Friday, November 18, 2011

Black Pearls For Black Friday

Well...its almost here...yes, thats right...Thanksgiving!  Of course, we'll all be eating turkey and dressing til our bellies are full!  I love it...what a special time!

Then comes you know what..."Black Friday" and all of the big sales associated with it!  This year, because of the economy, there certainly will be great deals everywhere!

Our store is no different...and we certainly do our best to host a great "Day After Thanksgiving Sale" every year!  For the past 5 years, we've served no less than 500 customers the first two hours (8 'til 10 AM) and its always a pleasure!

I wish to thank each of our customers for their loyalty and patronage! If you're not a customer yet, let me invite you to stop by and experience the difference it makes to shop at The Gold Mine..

Perhaps you're wondering what will be on special at the Gold Mine...see below on a postcard I've sent to all of our customers to discover our great "Black Friday Specials"....

Happy Thanksgiving From The Gold Mine crew!