Monday, October 27, 2014

Only 59 Days Until Christmas!!

It's hard to believe that summer has come and gone and now it's only 59 days until Christmas!  Here at The Gold Mine we've been busily preparing for the Christmas season.  You see a jeweler has to start thinking about Christmas around June or July so that we purchase enough stock for the store as well as anticipating what will be this year's hottest jewelry items!

Angie & I of course traveled to several jewelry shows as well as making visits to different vendors this year who could help provide us with the perfect holiday jewelry items at the perfect values!  I even got to visit a wholesaler who was going out of business and was able to pick up some wonderful buys while there.  Already many of our clients have commented on how we seem to have a better jewelry selection than most stores at better our travels seem to have paid off!

What will be hot this year?  It's our belief that there are a few trends that will be extremely popular this season such as:

The phenom created by "Rhythm of Love" where the diamonds actually vibrate to the beat of her heart is simply amazing and there are so many new styles in this featuring blue diamonds, black diamonds, rose gold, yellow gold & much more.  The price points start at $99 on these beauties and they're breathtaking!!

Another trend we're seeing is in the Lafonn jewelry brand which features the finest Lassaire Gemstones which simulate the look of diamonds set in a patented platinum/sterling silver mounting...a gorgeous piece of fine jewelry at reasonable prices!

Ladies stackable bracelets in silver, rose & yellow gold colors are also very popular with all ages and we carry what you'll discover to be the finest in the "Angelica Bracelet" line with prices starting at $25.  Plus, a portion of each sale of Angelica is donated to "Generation Rescue" which benefits the autistic!!!

Of course, I always invite you to visit our website at:  which is constantly being updated with our latest products, news and events!

Thanks for taking time to read this blog post...I've been absent for a while and I'll try to keep you updated more often!

Take care,

Bill Warren, Owner/Gemologist
The Gold Mine
545 Main St. Hudson, NC 28638

P.S. -  if you have questions about anything or there is something you'd really like to see us carry..please let us know by clicking on my email link above!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Christmas in July

For most jewelry store owners, Christmas is really here in the heat of July!  What do I mean?  Simple...I'm already thinking about what items will be hot for the Christmas season and I've been watching what our clients ask for.  I'm making mental notes even now on things that seem to be up and coming.

What are some of the items that are sure to be hot?  The hottest thing going in the jewelry biz right now is most definitely "Rhythm of Love" vibrating pendants and earrings!  The center diamond literally moves with "Her Heartbeat" must be seen to be believed.  Click here to get a preview:

Another item that is extremely popular is the new "Angelica" bracelet line.  Angelica uses recycled metals to make bracelets fit for every occasion and they can be stacked on top of each other.  To see them, click here:  I also failed to mention that a portion of each sale goes to benefit "Generation Evolution" who works with the autistic!

Other items?  Who knows!! It boggles the imagination to keep up with all the new jewelry lines that are coming out every day but we love to do it...that's why The Gold Mine is well known for offering the latest, "State of the Art" jewelry way ahead of it's competitors.

Got something in mind you'd like to see?  Let us know...we're always glad to lend an ear to your requests.  Thanks for being a great Gold Mine friend & client!


Bill Warren, Owner/Gemologist