Thursday, September 6, 2012

Star Wars Invades Hudson

Ok, I must admit it...I'm pretty tickled with myself right now!  Why you might ask?  Simple, we've just made one of the most important purchases ever for our store, "The Gold Mine Fine Jewelry & Gifts, Inc."  The purchase was of a 7000 Series Rofin Star Weld Laser Welder, quite simply the most powerful laser welder in the jewelry industry for the repair & intricate working on of fine jewelry.

No, you won't hear the sounds of Darth Vader or light sabers rattling about, but you will have the opportunity to have your jewelry designed or repaired using the coolest, most efficient laser technology available!  So, what does all this mean to you?

Again its simple...repairs that once were near the realm of impossibility can now be done with relative ease in minutes!!!  Maybe you owned an opal ring and because of opal's delicate nature, you couldn't have prongs rebuilt or retipped for fear of shattering an expensive opal.  Now with pinpoint accuracy, the repair of jewelry containing opals, emeralds, pearls and any other delicate gemstone is as fast as the swoosh of Luke Skywalkers light saber!

What's more, we can now safely weld and repair such items as broken eyeglass frames, costume jewelry and much, much more!  You'll discover just as I have that the repair is of a much higher quality when done with this laser and by a capable goldsmith such as the one's at The Gold Mine!

I invite you to stop'll see me grinning from ear to ear...let me show my new machine and you'll wonder why you would ever let anyone but the Gold Mine repair your delicate jewelry.  Hey, you might even get the feeling that you're seeing the firing of the main weapon from the "Death Star"...can you tell I'm a Star Wars fan?  Take care and stop by for a demonstration...


Bill Warren, Owner/Registered Gemologist
The Gold Mine - Hudson, NC

P.S. - yes, we now wield a very powerful tool that we promise to use for the "Good of Mankind"...LOL