Friday, August 30, 2013

He Hung The Moon & Stars Hits Stores Across America

It is a nice feeling of confirmation when you know you have a winner!  Our new Christian themed jewelry collection known as "He Hung The Moon & Stars" has certainly done well here at The Gold Mine and continues to grow daily.  However, a very nice surprise is in the requests we've had from several retailers around the USA to carry the line which was designed by owner Bill Warren.

Therefore, a whole new company called B & A Enterprises has been created to handle the requests for retailers elsewhere to carry the product.  Hard to believe but this whole thing is a North Carolina born & bred idea!!

The outpouring of support from our clients has been unreal and we're tickled to death that you love both sizes of this popular pendant!

With several necklaces to choose from, you can easily accessorize your Moon & Stars and women both can enjoy them by changing the necklace.

Best of all, a portion from each sale of "He Hung The Moon & Stars" is donated to the Robin's Nest Children's Advocacy Center who helps abused children and their families!  Its a true Win/Win for everyone!

Who knows where this may lead?  And it all started right here in good 'ole Hudson, NC!!!

'til next time,

Bill Warren, Owner
The Gold Mine

Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Worthy Development - He Hung The Moon and Stars Jewelry Collection

HE HUNG THE MOON & STARS Jewelry Collection

One of the biggest pleasures I derive as a jeweler is to help a local charity near and dear to my heart.  The Robin's Nest Children's Advocacy is one of those charities and they help abused children and their families.  Recently, we created a new line of jewelry called, "He Hung The Moon & Stars" TM that honors our loving Creator and Psalms 8:3.  See the story about the creation of this below:

Doing something of this nature puts a lot of "ME" out there and realizing that some folks probably thing, "Oh, he's just trying to line his pockets by doing this", let me explain...

The story above is true and it really did happen to me.  I believe when God gives you an inspired idea like this...its very important to act upon it and to "Give back" as only you can do.  You see, the Robin's Nest does a ministry in its own right by helping needy children and their families.

In doing this line of jewelry as our way of ministry, we are donating 10% of the sale from each Moon & Stars pendant to the Robin's Nest and better yet, we're doing our best to bring national recognition to them.

Recently, we were interviewed by Southern Jewelry News, Mid-America Jewelry News and Instore Magazine...all national publications and of course, we told them all about this wonderful charity and how we're trying to bring recognition to them and guess what?  They're printing articles in each publication for't God awesome!!!

Getting back to the pendants for a are a few pics to give you an idea and of course, they can be worn by men and women depending upon the necklace you choose to go with it!


The bigger versions sale for $99 with your pick of necklace and the smaller versions sale for $79 with your choice of chain...very reasonable wouldn't you say?

Stop by and take a look at them and support a very good cause, "The Robin's Nest Children's Advocacy"


Bill Warren, Owner
The Gold Mine
545 Main Street Hudson, NC 28638

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Checking In All The New Goodies From Atlanta!

Well...I'm sitting here tonight after returning from the Southeast's largest jewelry show in Atlanta and I'm looking over all the new pieces we purchased for our clients.  You see, for jewelers...Christmas is beginning right now..yes, I mean right now!  We have to be thinking many months in advance, anticipating what our clients will like and following consumer demand and trends.

It's not always easy to do either...but thanks to our good customers, they're great about letting us know what they like and we do watch purchases like a hawk.  No we're not doing surveilance like the government but we do try to see what trends our client's purchases show us.

Right now one of the hot items we see coming along is the "Rhythm of Love" diamond jewelry which is powered by her heartbeat.  What do I mean by this?  Simple...with every movement made, the diamond in the center of one of these pendants or earrings will vibrate and I'm here to tell you its like nothing you've ever seen!

We've been testing and tracking sales of these "Rhythm of Love" items and so far, you (our clients) have judged them a winner by the way you're purchasing them!  If you really want to get a good look at this short Youtube video clip and you'll see what I mean

Of course, we also picked up many new items such as a complete new line of men's titanium rings at super prices plus some diamond cocktail rings that will take your breath away!!!  Give us a few days to get all of this checked in and stop by for an early peek...yes, Christmas will be here before you know and your friends at The Gold Mine will be ready to serve you!

Take care,

Bill Warren, DDJ (Doctor of Dynamic Jewelry) & Owner
The Gold Mine

P.S. - mark your calendars now...this year marks our 20th Year Anniversary in Business and we've got great things planned for you in October!!