Friday, February 15, 2013

What Is The Right Kind Of Wedding Band For Him?

What is the right kind of wedding band for a man?  I guess I'm asked this question at least a couple of times every week.  My stock in trade answer is usually in the form of a question such as, "What kind of work does he do?"  This often dictates what the best band is.  An important consideration besides the usual price & budget consideration would be...what kind of material do you want the wedding band made of and what kind of conditions will it be worn under?  Here are a few materials to consider for "Him":

1.  Yellow or White Gold - this comes in either 10k, 14k, or 18k gold.  10k is the hardest form of gold while 18k gold has the highest gold content.  14k has often been cited as the favorite mix of both with price & durability.

2.  Platinum - a very hard, rare and dense material that in the precious metals is probably the most durable and is naturally white in color.

3.  Alternative Metals - a new thing on the market would be metals made from space age technology such as tungsten carbide, titanium, cobalt, black zirconium and many others.  The benefits of each of these are that they're extremely durable and scratch resistant.  Plus, unlike the gold & platinum wedding bands, the cost is usually under $250 making them a very attractive choice for rugged men and young couples on a budget.

Personally speaking, I've enjoyed wearing a titanium and 14k gold combination band for many years giving me the precious metal that I as a jeweler enjoy plus the durability of the new space age materials.

What is right for you?  Of course, only you can make that decision.  But, we would be glad to guide and assist you...stop by the Gold Mine, take your time, have fun and get the wedding band of his dreams!

Until Next Time,

Bill Warren, DDJ (Doctor of Dynamic Jewelry)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Karisma Collection

Once in a long while, something comes along that makes me stand up and take notice!  When we first got the Karisma Jewelry Collection in, it most definitely got my attention!  Why you might ask..simple!  Because with Karisma Sterling Silver ladies jewelry from The Gold Mine, you literally have 400 pieces of jewelry in on below about info on Karisma!

Karisma has as many looks as she does.
With over 400 interchangeable jeweled inserts, one piece of Karisma sterling silver jewelry lets a woman match every mood, every outfit, every day.  It’s the best thing to happen to jewelry since the invasion of the beads.
Each piece of Karisma is beautifully designed and crafted in sterling silver and features a round jeweled center insert.  The magic of Karisma is that a woman can simply remove the center jeweled insert and replace it with a new one. And with hundreds of jeweled inserts to choose from – in a wide array of colors, patterns and gemstones – Karisma becomes a true reflection of her.
So far, we've completely sold out of Karisma rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings 12 times.  Ladies simply love that they can change the tops out of each piece to match their outfits every day!!!
I'm personally glad to see the jewelry industry offering things that are versatile because often a certain piece of jewelry can only be worn with certain colors or dresses...but not any more!
Stop by The Gold Mine on Main Street in downtown Hudson and take a look...I think you'll be impressed!

"til next time,

Bill Warren, Owner/Registered Gemologist
The Gold Mine of Hudson

P.S. - for more info, visit the Karisma website at: