Saturday, July 6, 2013

It's A Roller Coaster Ride On The Precious Metals Market

Ok, I must admit myself that the last few weeks have been a roller coaster ride in the precious metals market!  Many folks have asked if they should go ahead and sell their old scrap gold & silver or continue to wait for prices to go back up...well....

Perhaps we can look at this a couple of different ways:

1.  It appears that the economy is strengthening albeit slowly and as things progress and get better and the dollar strengthens, precious metal prices will go down.

2.  There are those who say that the economy is completely bankrupt and that we should hold onto our precious metals as a "Safehaven" investment.  Of course, this is a bit negative and I tend to feel that America, who has the world's largest economy in scale has quite a way to go before its bankrupt.

Everyone is obviously entitled to their personal opinion but here is mine...

Its better to take advantage of the gold & silver prices still being historically high and make a little than lose a lot!  Almost daily we're still seeing folks bringing their old metals in and we've put cold, hard cash in their pocket.

What are things that we purchase from clients?  Old broken gold & silver chains, rings, bracelets, mis-matched earrings, dental gold (yes, old teeth), name it, if it has precious metal we probably buy it.

Why do we buy it?  Because much of it can be recycled and used in our very large repair department to fix other's jewelry items or to make new jewelry with.  Sometimes we might purchase a nice, older item to sale as estate jewelry.

You can simply bring your items by any time for a FREE, no hassle, no obligation evaluation and if things feel good to you, we'll purchase your items on the spot!

"til next time,

Bill Warren, DDJ (Doctor of Dynamic Jewelry) & Owner
The Gold Mine of Hudson, NC