Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You Change The Oil In Your Car Right?

You change the oil in your car right?  Then let me urge you to have your jewelry maintenanced just like changing oil in your car.  Remember, tips on prongs do wear out, sometimes your clothing may pick it and raise a prong and cause a stone to be loose or worse yet, you may loose it altogether!!!

Here at The Gold Mine, we offer FREE jewelry cleaning and prong tightness checks if you'd take care of your automobile, why don't you put the same thought and treatment into your precious jewelry? Huh??

Perhaps you haven't been by The Gold Mine lately so let me take a moment to tell you about a few new things...

  1. Southern Gates Sterling Silver Jewelry - New Styles Are In!
  2. Fossil Watches - We recently added this cool line to our inventory
  3. Chamilia Jewelry - the latest beads have just arrived
  4. Gold & Silver price continue to soar!  Now is a great time to sell us your old, unwanted silver & gold...let us put cold hard cash in your pocket!
Stop by today or give us a call if you have any questions at 828-726-1009!


Bill Warren/Registered Gemologist/Owner
The Gold Mine