Monday, October 15, 2007

The Gold Mine Debuts "Caldwell Time Company Watches"

I am pleased to announce the debut of a new private label watch brand from The Gold Mine called, "Caldwell Time Company"!

Here in the pictures you will see three examples of how beautiful these lovely new watches are...

How did "Caldwell Time Company Watches" come into being? While thinking about my love for fine quality time pieces, it occured to me that it would be really cool if I could develop a watch line honoring Caldwell County's (our county) heritage. I also wanted a watch line that people would feel proud to wear and call their own. So, I approached a major watch manufacturer of fine quality timepieces and parts and asked if they would be interested in partnering with my store to develop a new watch line that would be available on a limited basis only at our store. Surprisingly, they said yes and "Caldwell Time Co." was born! After going through the process of picking and designing over 40 styles of watches and coming up with something that young as well as mature adults would like....we finally arrived.

This past week we were pleased to get our complete shipment of watches....and the results were breathtaking to say the least! Get this, where most watch companies only use glass watch crystals....we used an actual gemstone, white sapphire for the crystal which is second in hardness only to you'll have a very durable crystal that is scratch resistant. The watch movements are made in Switzerland, where the finest timepieces of our day comes from. The watches are then painstakingly assembled and tested for quality assurance here in the good 'ole USA.

I personally believe in the design and workmanship of these watches so much that I'm guaranteeing them against defect of working movement parts for five years...yes, five years! And for extra added bonus, when a "Caldwell Time Company" watch is purchased, we will give you a lifetime battery replacement deal as, you'll never have to worry about paying for the changing and installation of a watch battery again. These watches with proper care and cleaning every 3-5 years, will last a lifetime and are sure to become treasured family heirlooms.

I invite you to stop by The Gold Mine to take a look at this latest, exciting addition to our inventory and maybe soon you'll be "Livin' On Caldwell Time"!! Visit our website for more info on these lovely watches at:


Bill Warren
Owner/Registered Gemologist

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Anonymous said...

I received one as a gift, and I love it.