Sunday, March 1, 2009

Gold Prices Continue To Go Up

Yes friends, its true....the gold & precious metals market continues to go up! Why you may ask? I personally believe that with the advent of the new stimulus package and the printing of more currency aka: the weakening dollar, precious metals will only continue to rise in price to what may be unheard of levels by this summer!

Here's the rub: you can get your part of this booming market as well!! How? By simply doing a bit of "goldmining" yourself in your own home! Its time to dig into the couch, look in the attic or basement and go through that old jewelry box and find those old gold/silver items you'll never use and take them where you can "Cash Them In"! Of course, we would love to assist you with the process and we promise to make it completely discreet and comfortable. You may visit our website for more information on it at: or just give me a call at 828-726-1009 and I'll be glad to explain things to you.

Know this.....this may be the best opportunity you've ever had to make more money or your old, unwanted gold & silver items. Here at The Gold Mine , we continue to have folks bringing their items in to sell and they are excited to find out how much its worth! Why one lady, brought "His" old presents in after a painful divorce and almost fainted when we told her how much we'd pay....I think she took a can do it to!

This is also a great time to meet our new goldsmith, Tim Call and to bring those broken items in for expert jewelry can find out more our in house repair service by visiting our website at:

Thats all for now...we hope you've found this info useful...drop us a line if we may be of service!


Bill Warren, Registered Gemologist Appraiser

The Gold Mine

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Baby said...

I was thinking of what you said about "goldmining" and thought maybe I should go to my community yard sale and buy up things that look like they might be gold. Is there an easy way to tell if something is gold before I buy it? Also, if I buy jewelry with stones in it, should I expect the kinds of prices I see online (like the low end of the spectrum on or is there a big difference between retail prices and what I'd get for selling a diamond to a jeweler? Thanks!

liz juwelen said...

thanks for sharing that wonderful idea about "goldmining"! i might just start digging into my jewelry boxes and drawers to see if i can get some gold! thanks for the tip!