Monday, October 11, 2010

Our 17th Anniversary!

Its hard to believe that this month marks our 17th Year Anniversary in business!  Where has the time flown?  It seems like only yesterday, I was a bright eyed 25 year old, opening a jewelry store in downtown Hudson and here I am now (still bright eyed mind you), almost 43 year's old, 16 year old son, a wonderful and patient wife and a business that even in this economy, anyone would be proud of!

Thanks to you my wonderful customers and friends who've made our store's success possible.  Angie & I appreciate the patronage and loyalty you have shown us.  Thanks be also to God for allowing a country boy from Hiddenite, NC see his dreams come true!

When you are our way, stop in and say, "Hello"...I'd like to thank you!!


Bill Warren, Owner
The Gold Mine

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