Friday, November 20, 2015

Get Ready for Our Day After Thanksgiving Sale

Can You Believe It?  Black Friday is almost here and once again we're hosting our biggest ever
"Day After Thanksgiving Sale"

You're going to love some of our Early Bird Specials between 8 & 10 AM on 11-27-15
We've listed just a few below...if you're like us, you're always looking for nice gifts for great stocking stuffers...this year, we've made it on below:

Ladies Triple Braided Pearl Bracelet
Only $4.99 Limit (5) Per Customer On 11-27 Between 8 & 10 AM

Matching Triple Braided Pearl Necklace
Only $19.99 Limit (5) Per Customer on 11-27 Between 8 & 10 AM

Ladies Black Diamond Hoop Earrings in Silver
Only $29.99 Limit (5) Per Customer on 11-27 Between 8 & 10 AM

Get here early as this event has become quite famous in our area...but don't worry...we have enough for everyone!  Happy Thanksgiving and see you on Friday, the Day After Thanksgiving!


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Marie Tayler said...

Beautiful collection and the designs are also unique. Recently I purchased fine jewelry from in affordable price.

Sharon Smith said...

Wow, nice collection. The bracelet is looking so pretty. I have also a similar type of colourful pearl bracelet which is my favourite. I love it. Thanks for sharing these nice collections.