Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Although our rings are designed to be long lasting, resistant to damage, and stay shining and brilliant for a lifetime, there are a few things that you should to do to ensure that they maintain their beauty. If you care for your rings properly, you can not only make them look better in the present, but you can ensure that they keep looking good well into the future. You need to make sure to do it right, though. It is important that you learn how to clean your wedding bands and engagement rings.
First, make sure you know what has gotten onto the ring
It is important to know what is on the ring because that could determine the best way to clean it. For example, if there is oil or some other kind of tough material, it is important to take it to a professional that has experience in dealing with this. You want to make sure that it gets done right so that you don’t damage the ring. If it is normal dirt, then you can probably handle it yourself, but it is best to be sure first.
Next, get some water
If your ring has been soiled by normal substances like common dirt, lipstick and the like, then all you need is some warm water and hand or dishwashing soap. Mix it together and soak your ring in it for about half an hour.
After 30 minutes…
After the time is up, take the ring out and gently brush it with an extra-soft tooth brush. Make sure to be gentle but thorough. Clean in the crevices and around the stone, especially in the setting where dirt tends to be stubborn. Do not use household cleaners like bleach – this is very bad for the ring. Once you are done brushing, run it under warm water. Your ring will be as good as new.
The sentimental value of your wedding band or engagement ring make it one of the most valuable things that you could ever own. It would be shame to not take care of it, and even worse to damage it instead. Follows these tips on how to clean your wedding bands and engagement rings, and keep them looking beautiful for a lifetime.
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