Sunday, March 11, 2007

Journey Jewelry - Fad or Fashion?

By now, I'm sure many if not most of you have heard of the new "Journey Jewelry" collection which has appeared in many magazines, tv ads, etc. Debeers and the Diamond Promotional Service are really pushing this new product. What is it you might ask?

Journey Jewelry is simply a diamond pendant or earrings with 5 or more stones that start small and slowly graduate to a larger stone size. These items come in either a straight bar style or a squiggly "S" design which so far has been the most popular.

Fad or true fashion? I think because of its clean design and a look that goes well with other jewelry, Journey jewelry items will become a part of staple jewelry item in the industry much as 3 stone past, present, future has. By the way, "Journey" jewelry is a natural extension of the past, present & future concept!

Whether your tastes are white or yellow gold, there are currently several items in the Journey Jewelry collection to fit everyone's tastes. Customers are asking for it here at The Gold Mine and even though the line is only 3-4 months old at this point, its popularity hasn't even begun to peak. By Christmas 2007, I predict that "Journey Diamond Jewelry" will be a very requested item along with the ever popular diamond stud earrings, 3 stone jewelry and diamond circles.

If you have questions about Journey Jewelry, I invite you to call me at (828) 726-1009. For a FREE informational catalog & brochure on the latest "Journey Diamond" styles, just drop me an email with your mailing address at:


Bill Warren
Registered Gemologist

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