Monday, March 6, 2017

Reasons To Consider Rose Gold

Rose gold has a strikingly beautiful hue. It is comprised of a percentage of yellow gold mixed with copper and other metals. The result is a gorgeous, warm and romantic version of traditional gold.
A Brief History
Did you know Rose Gold used to be called “Russian gold” back in the 19th century? It began to become popular in the 1920's when wedding ring designs were blossoming and moving into the use of uncommon alloys. During this time, highly creative jewelry was on the rise that made a distinction from the geometric and monochromatic “icy white” designs of the Art Deco period in the 1930's.
Rose gold has such a beautiful delicateness to it that compliments all skin types and can be combined with many different kinds of gems and diamonds. This is why rose gold trends came back with a vengeance — and this is also why it was able to stand the test of time.
Rose gold brooches, cocktail rings, and large cuffs all became part of the glitz and glamour of that era— influencing the current era where rose gold is a standard option for all types of ring choices.
Some of our Favourite Rose Gold Designs
Do you love the look of a vintage ring with the diamond surrounded by a beautiful halo? Let your eyes rest on the beautiful engagement ring pictured above. The Rose gold is the absolute perfect back drop to let the diamonds shine.
Ready to have your heart stolen? This Rose gold ring with floral carvings has gorgeous vintage detailing
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