Monday, March 27, 2017

Which Precious Metal is Right for You?

There are a lot of options for engagement rings and wedding bands out there. However, it is incredibly important to find the metal that is right for you and your aesthetic preferences. There are many benefits to each type of metal. Here is some information on your options when choosing an engagement ring or piece of jewelry in general.
Yellow Gold
Yellow gold has a mesmerizingly rich color. For centuries, traditional jewelry across different nations, histories and civilizations was made of yellow gold. Of all the existing colors of gold, yellow gold most closely resembles the color of the metal when it is mined. There is nothing quite as iconic or rich as a yellow gold ring, and any piece created in yellow gold is sure to carry a certain classical beauty with it.
White Gold
White gold, unlike silver which can look similar at first glance, is a far superior metal than silver. It does not tarnish to black in the way silver does, and as a result does not need the same kind of cleaning regimen.  An alloy of gold and at least one other white metal, white gold can contain nickel, palladium, or be plated with rhodium to emphasize the white color. White gold makes a very sturdy and long lasting piece of jewelry that truly shines.
Rose Gold
For that touch of personality and uniqueness, rose gold is the way to go.  Rose gold is a type of gold with more copper in its alloy – the more copper present in a gold alloy, the more of a rose hue or tint.  Most often, rose gold will consist of partly silver, partly copper, and of course gold. Rose gold offers a splash of unexpected color in any piece and would suit anyone with a creative or expressive streak.
Platinum has an unparalleled rarity and is naturally white in color, letting any platinum piece shine with a breathtaking vigor. This hypo-allergenic metal does not tarnish, ages well over time, and is a clear choice for any jewelry piece that will last forever and stay beautiful the entire time.
Knowing all you can about the best materials for your jewelry can make all the difference. Taking into account a person’s occupation, personality, and aesthetic preference, each precious metal has a unique appeal.
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Bill Warren, DDJ (Doctor of Dynamic Jewelry) & Owner
The Gold Mine

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