Monday, April 3, 2017


Here at The Gold Mine, we are happy to continue the tradition of giving finely-made, breathtakingly-beautiful rings as gifts at many of life’s special occasions. This is a major purchase, though, so we want to make sure that you are as well-informed as possible before you make that selection. Modern-style or contemporary rings are different than their older counterparts, and knowing what the term means will help you make the perfect selection. Let’s cover it in-depth so you know what you are getting in to.
What does contemporary mean?
When dealing with jewelry, something that is contemporary means something that was made in the style of more recent times. This includes everything from material and color to look and feel. While an older ring might be made to fit the ideals of the time, so too does a contemporary ring reflect current values. That is why we are beginning to see new metals, more diverse colors, and different weights becoming popular.
What do they look like?
While a vintage ring might be large and bulky, a modern ring will usually be sleek and light. This is due to a more minimalistic modern style, and our movement away from past aesthetics. Contemporary rings will usually have minimal decoration and a smaller stone at the top; not only that, but metals such as titanium and cobalt are becoming popular instead of traditional silver and gold. What we are beginning to see is a trend toward shiny and sleek rather than large and elegant.
Who wears it best?
A contemporary style ring is best for the person who enjoys making a quiet fashion statement, or one who prefers to be minimalistic. They fit best on the hand of someone who values shine and feel rather in-your-face beauty. Lightweight and stylish, a contemporary ring might go best with a young, trendy couple or with someone doesn’t like to make a lot of noise in a social setting.
Modern or contemporary rings are very different than their old-fashioned counterparts. They differ in nearly every area. That doesn’t mean one is better or worse than the other, it just means that different styles will fit different kinds of people. Now that you know what it means and who it works best on, stop by to see the Gold Mine's vast collection to see if you find the right fit.

'til next time,
Bill Warren, DDJ (Doctor of Dynamic Jewelry) & Owner
The Gold Mine 

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